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Social Services and Clinical Psychology Lecture

Social Services Course
Clinical Psychology Course

About the Lecture

Social Services Course

The Social Services Course provides education and research from a multidisciplinary approach, tackling the social issues of ensuring lifestyles and the various lifestyle issues that arise as part of our daily lives.
Investigation and responses to the mutually interrelated welfare issues that arise due to depopulation, super-aging societies, and social polarization are not possible using specific areas of science or logic, but require an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, in this Course, we respond to society’s demands by providing a program of education and research that covers the techniques, methods, and development of strategies required to investigate the mechanisms and causes of why these problems arise, and how to solve them, systematically deepening understanding of the issues; and by educating specialists who can respond to these issues.
Working adults are provided with a place where their own practical work can be organized and systematized academically, and objectively assessed, which will help foster more advanced specialization.

Clinical Psychology Course

This Course is designed to train researchers in how peoples’ minds are formed, behave and function, educate specialists in the field of practical clinical work with specialist knowledge of mental pathology and psychotherapy, and in addition to serve as a way for specialists to be re-educated.
In this Course, along with responding to the needs of the times, we offer a curriculum that aims to train specialist workers with basic research skills, a broad-based clinical perspective, advanced specialization, and ability to think on their feet.
To respond to the social demands outlined earlier, in this Course, we play a role in society as a clinical psychology training organization, with our role in training clinical psychologists starting when we were established in April 1998 as a Class 1 Graduate School certified by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists.
Students entering this Course and completing it on obtaining the required credits will be qualified to sit the examination to become a clinical psychologist. We are also currently preparing a curriculum for training certified psychologists based on the Certified Psychologist Act legislated as a national qualification for psychology and enacted in 2017. The Doctoral Course in second semester offers the chance to further deepen research and to train as a researcher in clinical psychology.

Qualifications that can be obtained in the Graduate School of Human Life Science

  • Specialist Teaching License (Home Economics) for Middle and High School Teachers
  • Certified Psychologist (qualification to take the examination)
  • Specialist Teaching License for Nutrition Teachers
  • Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists-Certified Psychologist (qualification to take the examination)

※Qualifications and licenses have conditions that must be met to obtain them.