Graduate School of Human Life Science

Housing and Environmental Design Lecture

Housing and Environmental Design Course

About the Lecture

This Lecture provides education and research on residential space design from the standpoint of residents, responding the needs of contemporary society and with the aim of shaping residential environments that ensure rich, healthy lifestyles. The demands that society places on this Lecture today are shifting focus to solving issues for depopulation and the aging, low-fertility society, and to reconstruct sustainable housing systems in global society as environmental problems become more serious around the world.

Building on this basic awareness, we tackle two research and education issues: the creation of safe, secure residential spaces that suit a diverse range of residential needs, and the construction of technologies and management systems to contribute to reusing and utilizing housing and architecture stock.

To achieve these, we develop component technology related to energy-saving, resource-saving, increasing life spans, seismic resistance, and so on for housing environments, as well as construct community plans that do not stop at renovation of architectural stock but lead to regional revitalization as well. In addition, we conceptualize residential styles to support a steady-state society as well as planning for regions or universal housing/facilities that can be used by anyone, even the elderly or handicapped, and we are even involved in disaster prevention planning. As part of this, we emphasize design construction based on basic research for physical residential space plans. In addition, we see management as another axis to our research, and are expanding these diverse fields in an integrated way as we aim to construct sustainable residential environments that make use of architectural and regional assets.

We are expanding our track record of research in the issues of the mutual interrelationships between human lifestyles and physical environments, with “housing”, the central pillar of human lifestyles, as our main axis. We offer education and teaching in the eight fields of Housing and Lifestyles, Housing Systems, Housing Planning , Housing Space Design, Housing and Environmental Design for the Elderly and Disabled, Housing Space Structures, Environmental Engineering in Architecture, and Safety Engineering and Ergonomics for Well-Being.

Through this research and education system, we train people who will become researchers, architects, and planners who see housing and lifestyle science as a comprehensive discipline, advanced practical specialists responsible for administration, as well as educators for higher education. We provide a specialist education for architects in particular through programs which include internships, allowing students the practical work experience required to be qualified to take the Class 1 Architect exam.

Qualifications that can be obtained in the Graduate School of Human Life Science

  • Specialist Teaching License (Home Economics) for Middle and High School Teachers
  • Certified Psychologist (qualification to take the examination)
  • Specialist Teaching License for Nutrition Teachers
  • Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists-Certified Psychologist (qualification to take the examination)

※Qualifications and licenses have conditions that must be met to obtain them.