Designing richly comfortable homes, communities, and urban spaces

Department of Housing and Environmental Design

Department Policy

  1. Unlike the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, we focus our research on homes rather than titanic structures like skyscrapers or bridges.
  2. Pursuing both the tangible aspects—basic knowledge of architecture and design—and the intangible aspects—the comfort and ease of the living environment.
  3. Deepening ideas about urban development that emphasizes the environment and the local community.

About the Department

Educating specialist workers who can create and manage based on a holistic view of living environments from the perspective of the residents.

As today’s society becomes ever more complex and more diverse, as technology develops, and our care for the environment becomes more important, our housing environments need to be environmentally-friendly and formed appropriately. At the Department of Housing and Environmental Design, we ask students to understand these principles and master the knowledge and skills needed, based on their learning and education goals, as well as develop a balanced judgment and comprehensive understanding related to human lifestyles, culture, and the environment. Our education and research allows students to master a deep understanding and planning ability for housing and spaces, our specialty.

Building on these, students are required to master the knowledge and practical skills related to housing, architecture, the global environment, and related fields, as well as the creative abilities to design comfortable and beautiful environments.

Along with achieving these goals, to become able to work in the field, it is vital to be able to discover issues in living spaces and environments yourself, and develop the skills to plan, propose, and execute based on given conditions as well as the logical presentation skills and communication skills required of joint work. The curriculum we offer is designed to allow students to master all these.

Things and spaces related to human lifestyles are moving towards a time when they become all-encompassing from an environmental perspective.

Today, as interest in the environment around us grows along with the individualization and diversification of our lifestyles, creating comfortable, rich living environments and appropriately managing them has become a major social issue.
In our department, students aim to create ideal living environments based on the zeitgeist and comprehensively learn the knowledge and skills related to the planning, design, and maintenance of spaces.

Features of Our Education

A diverse range of lectures that go beyond the humanities and the sciences

The biggest appeal of the Department of Housing and Environmental Design is our menu of lectures that cover a wide range of genres, from culture and the arts to technology and design. Classes are wide-ranging, and include fieldwork such as housing environment surveys and lifestyle surveys, hands-on seminars to polish your design sense, experiments to research and develop new technologies, and seminars and drafting lessons where students create their own original spaces.

The Department not only offers a wide menu of lectures, but provides extremely content-dense teaching.

Through small class size lectures, seminars, and tutorials, we can keep a careful eye on everyone’s development, developing students’ abilities from a range of directions so that students can choose the specialization that suits them best.

As we emphasize creativity, not just theory and technique, ours is an open department goes beyond the established boundaries of the humanities and the sciences, allowing anyone to discover their potential.

Qualifications Obtained

Fastest route to being a Class 1 Architect!

In addition to core subjects in architecture, students also study our Department’s unique core subjects, and, like students in the Faculty of Engineering’s Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, can obtain a Class 1 / Class 2 certification in architecture at the same time as they graduate. Students can also obtain the qualifications to register as an interior planner.
There is also the option of going onto graduate school to become an even more specialized engineer or researcher.

Qualifications that can be obtained in the Department of Housing and Environmental Design

  • Class 1 Architect (qualified to take the exam)
  • Interior Planner (qualified to register) [Only if the required exam is passed]
  • Class 2 Architect (qualified to take the exam)


※Qualifications and licenses have conditions that must be met to obtain them.

Department Policies